I am an advertising professional and an aspiring filmmaker based in Bombay, India. At 27, I already have work experience of over nine years. Starting my career with Talking Donkey Productions as an animator, where I learnt about advertising and filmmaking, I went on to pursue my interest in filmmaking as I finished my high school and junior college. I have worked with the National Award winning director Ravi Jadhav on the film Balak Palak as an assistant director, and two other Bollywood films as an assistant cinematographer, before deciding to quit assisting and doing something on my own. I found a natural calling in advertising as a way to write and tell stories (without worrying about paying bills), and so began my career for the second time as a copywriter. I take keen interest in sociology, philosophy, literature, films, photography and architecture. At present, I juggle between work and finishing writing a short film that I want to direct early next year.


(+91) 9867091244

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